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Serious annular striations appeared in printing, which should be excluded from the defects of the placement and the model itself.

Solution:check whether the model support is reasonable . Usually, if the sheet model and thin plate model are placed vertically,  the center of gravity will shake after being printed to a certain height and resulting in annular striations on the model surface. Reasonable support and proper placement of the model can significantly improve this problem. In addition, the vibration of the lead screw caused by deviation and distortion will also cause obvious annular striations of the model. The lead screw can be calibrated under the guidance of the after-sales engineer.

There are redundant solidified small pieces of debris on the printed model, and when printing models , it appears the  residue around the printing platform.

Solution:This problem is caused by light leakage around the screen or defects in the screen, . It will be solved after replacing the new screen.

Z axis does not work, but there is the sound of motor working, the platform cannot move up.

Solution:the connection between the screw and the motor is loose, which easily causes the phenomenon of the motor idling while the screw does not move. Please check the connection between the screw and the motor, and tighten the screw here.

The other reason is that most of the users are beginners and the resin is easily immersed in the connection between the lead screw and the motor due to improper operation, which leads to great resistance between the motor and the lead screw. The motor cannot move the lead screw, so it is necessary to clean up the resin stained inside. If it cannot be cleaned, the after-sales staff should be contacted to replace the accessories.

Due to the base plate of the model  does not adhere to the platform  lead to the drop of the plate.

Solution:This problem is probably caused by the unevenness between the printing platform and the bottom of the resin tank, which leads to a certain angle warping after the platform goes down, resulting in a large gap, and the platform cannot fully fit the bottom. The printing platform needs to be readjusted. If the bottom of the resin tank is not cleaned up, which will cause the platform can not fully fit the bottom surface, and direct printing will lead to the plate to drop. Please print again after cleaning up the resin tank and the platform to solve this problem.

Some model supports were broken during printing, and the model structure was damaged.

Solution:For the large-scale model with support fracture, the contact surface between the support rod and the top can be enlarged appropriately, and the exposure time of 1-2s can be increased. If the print is damaged, it is necessary to analyze whether the support at the damaged area is missing or not enough; After excluding this problem, it is necessary to analyze the structure of the model, whether there is any irrationality in the file design, whether it is necessary to optimize the STL file in the triangular patch, whether it meets the details of the minimum 0.2mm wall thickness at the  damaged area , and if the accuracy of the model beyond  the precision that  the printer can print ,  it will not be able  to print  the desired effect. They all need to be analyzed one by one.

The diagnosis about  the vertical damaged hole on the printed model surface.

Solution:This phenomenon is generally caused by the black spots from the damage of the LCD screen. About the specific cause of damage, please wait for the analysis of after-sales engineers. After removing the resin tank,  put a piece of paper on the screen and  make the device glow. Check the damage of the screen by observing the black spots on the white paper. If the printing effect is seriously affected, please replace the LCD screen.

The solution about  the model effect blurred and the detail structure sticking together.

Solution:As each material has different light intensity, some resin require less exposure time, and a longer exposure time will affect the molding effect of resin. Please select the corresponding material exposure time or reduce some exposure time to effectively avoid this phenomenon.

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