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As a liquid material, the photosensitive resin has chemical odor. It can not be simply said that it is toxic or non-toxic. About the toxicity, It must be discussed in combination with dosage. Generally, after normal light curing, there is no problem. The light curing resin is the base resin of the light curing coating, which is compounded with the photoinitiator, active diluents and various auxiliaries, that is, to form the light curing material. Light curing material is the earliest example of large-scale successful application of light curing technology in industry, and it is also the product with the largest production and sales in the field of light curing industry, so don’t worry about it.

In fact, it is not difficult to find that most polymers which we commonly use in our daily life are non-toxic. Therefore, users who are worried about the toxic photosensitive resin can rest assured. As long as the photosensitive resin you choose is purchased from NOVA3D company through regular channels. Except you need to  pay attention to ventilation protection in the printing process, the 3D printed model is non-toxic and can be safely used and touched.

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