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Read this User Guide carefully and thoroughly before operating the Nova3D ELFIN for the first time. The User Guide includes basic information about the 3D printer, safety and protection guidelines as well as advice on preparing the machine for the first printing process and basic maintenance work. Ignorance and non-compliance with these instructions may result in property damage, injuries, device failures. It is also necessary to ensure that every 3D printer user knows, fully understands and follows the instructions provided in this User Guide.

The Manufacturer makes every effort to ensure that Nova3D products are safe in transportation, installation, usage, storage and disposal. However, due to the lack of direct and ad hoc control as well as other conditions influencing the device and those that are beyond the Manufacturer’s knowledge, the Manufacturer is not responsible for damage, injuries, failures and costs resulting from improper transportation, installation, usage, storage and disposal. Furthermore, the users should take into consideration the risk of possible damage of the device resulting from defects in material and workmanship.

The users are responsible for qualifying and determining the intended use of 3D printed models. The Manufacturer takes no responsibility for any use of printed objects, especially when those objects constitute a part of safety devices or strictly regulated by specific rules medical, military or space science equipment.

All products, technical specifications and data are subject to change without  notice due to improved reliability, functionality, design or other reasons. Shenzhen Nova Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (Nova3D), its agents, the employees and all individuals representing the company take no responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness in any product-related data manual or other published information.

Due to the size and specificity, the Nova3D ELFIN is not intended for use by minors and by people with reduced manual, motor and psychomotor skills. The Manufacturer recommends providing assistance and guidance to people with disabilities who wish to operate the printer.

Nova3D makes no guarantee, statement or warranty as to the applicability of  products for the specific purpose or the continuous production of any product. Within the sphere permitted by law, Nova3D does not assume (Ⅰ) the responsibility  for  any consequences arising from the use any product;(Ⅱ)the responsibility for including but not limited to specific, joint or collateral damage ;And (Ⅲ) Nova3D don't do any implied warranty, including not guarantee of the applicability , non-infringement and merchantability of the specific use.

No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document or any act of Nova3D. All trade names, logos and trademarks mentioned in the following document are registered trademarks of Nova and are subject to legal protection.

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