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If a large amount of resin overflow or resin may have penetrated into the printer, should immediately stop printing and cut off the power supply. Please learn about the measures that should be taken immediately after resin overflow, the main causes and preventive measures of resin overflow.

A small amount of resin spilled on the outer surface of the printer is not harmful, and it may also drip onto the device during normal use. If a large amount of resin spills onto the print screen or inside the printer, the additional cleaning and support is required to assess and minimize potential damage. If the resin penetrates into the printer, it may damage or corrode the important parts. If a large number of spills occur, take photos of the situation and contact NOVA3D after-sales engineer for help.

Clean the spilled resin

Note:Please wear gloves when cleaning. After handling the resin, the skin should be cleaned with the dishwashing liquid. Do not use alcohol to clean the resin on your skin.

Recommended tools:

Step 1: get the printer ready

Step 2: Check and clean up the outer surface

Acrylic Cover

The LCD Screen

If the LCD screen is glued with the resin, be sure to use alcohol to clean it. The dirty screen will affect the light transmission, which will lead to the printing failure.

Step 3: Check the Z Axis

Reminder:After cleaning the guide rob with alcohol,  please use the grease to lubricate the guide rob before printing again, to prevent the platform from running not smoothly.

How to prevent resin overflow

Learn how to determine the common causes of resin overflow and minimize the possibility of resin overflow.

Although there are many reasons for resin overflow , the most common causes include operational errors, the resin tank damaged, and excessive resin addition.

If the resin has penetrated into the printer, please contact with nova3D after-sales engineer.  You need to provide:

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