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The parts of the curing box that need to be adjusted according to the actual needs mainly include: a lamp group, a water tank and a timing knob.


Lamp group: divided into the adjustable and the non-adjustable lamp group, the specific form is subject to the actual product . If it is adjustable, the upper and lower positions of the lamp group can be adjusted according to the curing requirements before the post curing of the resin model. So as to improve the efficiency of the post curing.

The cleaning tank: this is an optional accessory for holding the models and water. When the resin model is cured again, placing it in the clean water can effectively improve the toughness of the model. You can operate according to the actual requirements.

Timing knob: Used to set curing time. Around the timing knob are evenly printed the orange numerals from 0 to 30 and the orange letter ON. These numerals indicate the duration of solidification in minutes.

Rotate the knob clockwise to align the marks on the knob with one of the numbers, ie, to set the curing time to that value. For example, turning the knob to the number "5" indicates that the curing time is set to 5 minutes. When you hear the "ding" sound from the curing box, it means that the curing has been completed. At this time, the door of the box can be opened to take out the model.

The maximum curing time that can be set in this curing box is 30 minutes, that is, the clockwise rotation knob can be rotated up to the number “30”. Turning the knob counterclockwise to the letter “ON” will control the curing box light source to be always on. At this time, the timing effect will be invalid. You need to manually turn the knob clockwise back to the number “0” to turn off the light source.

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Steps of Post Curing


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