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v2.4.2 (2018/9/19):

Added : add the whole raft  function.

Added : Ctrl+A shortcut key for all selected models.

Added: add wifi configuration password plaintext or ciphertext switching function.

Optimization: add the model of android l3130-k40, modify the corresponding configuration, change the 3D window size, etc.

Optimization: Modify  the default of the lifting height is from 3mm to 0mm, after adding bottom support.

Optimization: modify the layout of tool buttons on the left side of the slicer page.

Fix BUG: Solve the problem that ZeroConf auto scan cannot be added to android machines.

Fix BUG : added the function that click to the right mouse button to  delete the offline printer at the top of the printer control page.

Fix BUG: Solve the problem that the top toolbar can't be zoomed windows by dragging the mouse left or right.

v2.4.0 (2018/7/6):

Optimization: increase the number of the bottom layers when the layer thickness is too low, to ensure the total exposed height of the bottom is not less than 0.15mm.

Optimization: after software abnormal exits, report to the cloud server on next boot.

Optimization: Transfer the installation directory to C:\Users\< username >\AppData\Local, to avoid admin problem. After installing, the program which automatically starts supports file to  drag , drop and load.

Optimization: support to cancel the type setting in the midway.

Fix bugs: When deleting or revoking models, the applications may be exited abnormally,  especially when the users who print the  jewelry models add a lot of supports.

Fix bug: A part of the models could automatically sort and it lead to the program exit abnormally.

Fix BUG: Don’t write the log files.

v2.3.12 (2018/6/27):

To refactor the connection of the  printers, it could support to automatically discover and connect the printers in LAN  and support to set the printers alias.

A large number of BUGs have been fixed and improved the stability.

A large number of UIs have been optimized for the ease of use.

Added: Remind the new users to make necessary configuration before slicing.

Added: Add the Cancel button.

Added: Add One-click automatic upgrade.

Added: Installer package automatically installs Bonjour service.

Added: shortcut key description menu.

Added:  check the Slicing File to avoid the errors of the Picture File.

Optimization: Optimize the dental algorithm about automatically adding the supports and compatible with the steel brackets.

Optimization: Improve the performance  of the log files and the important  log files would be uploaded to the cloud server.

Optimization: improve the recognition rate of .stl files which is  exported from .jcd files.

v2.3.9 (2018/6/4):

A large number of BUGs have been fixed and improved the stability.

Added: Add the more intensive algorithm of  the  automatic placement ,  improve the  space utilization, and have the prompt messages of the  progress bars.

Added : one-click upgrade function.

Added: The function about automatically discovered the printers in LAN.

Added: support.3mf format.

Added: display all of the models and automatically display different heights of print areas according to the models.

Added : Display 2D outline of the support shape when configuring support shape.

Added: Show progress bar when loading files.

Added: Cancel the function which using the mouse to directly move the model, and add the special start icon to avoid UI crashing.

Added: Remind to fix the error model and come with the link.

Optimization: Simplify and optimize the steps of connecting printers.

Optimization: adjust the default  parameters of the printing.

Optimization: error model is shown in red.

Optimization: move the log directory to HOME/APP_NAME/logs.

Optimization: Dental-specific version optimization.

v2.2.6 (2018/4/20):

optimization: the 32-bit version of STL model can be loaded from about 100MB to about 300MB, to meet the most of  the customers' requirements.

Added: added the software that can display the estimated print time at the bottom of the screen.

Added: remind to save when the software exits.

Added:  added the new function to empty the current working environment.

Optimize the slicing algorithm used by the auto-support.

optimize the printer management interaction.

Optimization: the new model will not be automatically typeset when loaded, but will be placed on the rightmost position.

Fixed the bugs and improved the stability.

v2.2.0 (2018/4/4):

The brand-new printer control interface, independent of the web engine, the size of the installer is greatly reduced.

Added the custom configuration group, system default for reference only.

optimization: the speed of the auto support generation is increased by nearly 10 times.

Added a few shortcut keys and coexisted with the configuration page.

Added: Digging and Hollowing Function.

Added: Delete all supports for all models and remind to confirm.

Added: dental edition.

Fix a number of BUGs, completely solve the bug that the supports added after the model rotation can not follow the model movement.
optimization: improve the effect of the bottom green zone after the bottom layered.

Performance optimization: reduce the priority of complex task threads such as slicing, auto support generation and digging, and reduce the impact on other OS tasks.

v2.1.6 (2018/3/19):

Fix bugs: Save files without automatically adding suffixes.

Fix bugs: auto-arrange and load multiple models and occasionally exit abnormally.

Optimization: supports without anti-aliasing at any times.

v2.1.3 (2018/3/17):

The brand new interface style.

Supporting the management of printers, abandoning the old pattern which access to printers through Chrome browsers.

Core reconstruction, the model can be continuous transformation.

Added “Cancel“: Cancel the new added supports and transformation.

Added two-point direct support and multi-point umbrella support.

Added auto rotation to minimum height.

Added a pure white printing platform that turns transparent when looks up.

Added the shortcut keys + - to view 3D real-time slices layer by layer.

Added the  orthogonal projection to replace the previous perspective projection, that is more accurate in size and more suitable for the 3D printer.

Added Top View, Left View, Right View, Face View Switching.

Added the shortcut key "Esc" to exit the manual support mode.

Fixed the stability of Bug to reduced abnormal exit.

Fixed the BUG about color display.

Optimized performance: the speeds of  slicing and  model selection increased by 10 times.

Optimized the memory, reduced the memory overhead, 64-bit version of the maximum test can load 800MB .stl file.

Optimized the operation in each status.

Optimized the single point support and the contact point was increased the half sphere.

Optimized the Experience: The bottom support is transparent when looks up.

Optimized the Experience: Added tooltips.

v1.3.0 (2018/2/3):

Added the function of the automatic typesetting of models.

Added: After adding the raft, the bottom layers of model shows different colors for easy identification.

Optimization: the model is rotated around the center of gravity, making the operation more intuitive.

Optimized: The frame of the 3D printing uses the fixed color.

Optimization: update Windows software ICONS.

Fixed BUG: sometimes the supports cannot be displayed when displaying 3D slices.

Fixed BUG: some users could not start the software, reminding the lack of API - start DLL file.

v1.2.5 (2018/1/31):

The lifting parameters of the platform are saved to the configuration file, and the restart is still valid after modifying the configuration.

Fixed bug: the direction of the support point is incorrect after rotation.

Added: display the information at the bottom about the total volume ( ml) and the layers.

Added a small window on the left to display the information about the selected model.

Added: set the minimum length and width of the main window to optimize the stability of dragging between multiple displays.

v1.2.4 (2018/1/27):

Fixed an error that the screen reminds  the files doesn't exist when installs them to disk C.

Optimized the default  parameters of the supports to improve the success rate of printing.

Fixed bugs: When the model is raised, the support is off the platform.

Support to set the wait time after the platform is paused.

v1.2.3 (2018/1/25):

Fixed Bug: remind the abnormal exit when exit.

Fixed bug: the back support point angle of the image is wrong.

Fixed bug: After the image moves, the supports cannot follow.

v1.2.2 (2018/1/23):

The maximum loaded. STL file size for the 32-bit version was increased from 20MB to 100MB.

Fixed the bug of the compatibility of .cws file.

Fixed the bug that showing slice when auto-support.

Fixed others bugs.

v1.2.1 (2018/1/22):

Fixed bug: The .cws file saved after slicing will modify the exposure time and affect the bottom exposure time.

Fixed the bug that Memory leaks in computing automatic support.

UI optimization: automatically select the current model when calculating the automatic support.

UI optimization: Allow to delect the supports when checking the slices.

v1.2.0 (2018/1/19):

Fixed the bug that does not remind in red when z<0.

Fixing the bug that can move objects while slicing.

Support to configure the height and speed of the platform after exposure. The default height has been changed from 6mm to 4mm.
Add the function of auto-support, you can find the completely suspended island at the bottom.

Optimize state control, UI control display.

v1.1.8 (2018/1/12):

Support Mac OS.

Optimized the effects of page layout when you zoom in on the Retina or Win10 screen.

v1.1.7 (2018/1/9):

Fixed the bug: It is forbidden to move, zoom, rotate the model by the mouse or the configuration page when viewing the 3D slicing ,to avoid the wrong operation.

UI optimization: Deepen the color of the button of checking the 3D slicing ,to avoid losing sight of the button when the screen brightness is high.

v1.1.6 (2018/1/8):

When zooming, default to zoom all.

Make sure you can’t add supports when moving the model, to avoid the misoperation.

The operation of clicking the mouse only response to the left button, not the right button.

Darken the model when it's not selected, so it doesn't look too harsh.

When checking the 3D slicing, you can cache the files up to 10, not all, to avoid memory consumption.

Added the thanks message.

It is the default option that deepen the color of the button of checking the 3D slicing.

v1.1.5 (2018/1/2):

Fixed bug: The default language of the interface that open some Chinese operating systems is English.

Add the function of writing log files, save only the last 7 days.

Fixed the logical bugs, the slicing performance may increase 10 times when the number of supports exceeds 10 pieces.

Modify the installation package names to clearly distinguish 32/64 bits: the suffix is 32-bit, 64-bit.

Fixed bug:  when anti-aliasing is not an integer multiple, the sliced image will enlarge.

Scaling supports overall scaling, not just X/Y/Z

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