High Resolution 3D Printers for Professionals | NOVA3D

1、3D Printer Plug in the power supply,then press button to turn on 3D printer.


2、Connect the printer and the computer through the LAN.  Two options.


3、Download and install NovaMaker on your computer,website:http://www.nova3dprinter.com


4、Enter the NovaMaker printer management page, you can see the new printer will be automatically added, you may need to wait 2 minutes when your first time operating.


5、Rapid print


1、Enter the file manage page of NovaMaker's printer management module, select the TEST_MOTOR_SCREEN file and print it.

2、Start to print the test file ,if the track Platform moves up and down and the screen display picture ,It indicates the track Platform and screen  work normally and can be carried out now.

The next step is start to print with Resin. please read the relevant steps of the instruction manual carefully. The instructions can be obtained by directly contacting the customer service .

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