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When using the device to print, it will inevitably fail to print. In order to ensure the following normal printing, please follow the following steps:

After each failed print,  please check the resin tank carefully  and make sure that there are no residual supports or cured remains in the resin. If there is remains , please  filter the resin before continuing, otherwise it will  lead to the screen crushing when next time you print . Pour the resin left in the tank and clean the resin tank. When cleaning it , let the resin flows as naturally as possible instead of cleaning. Due to the particularity of the material of the FEP film , the resin tank  don't need to be washed by water.  It can be placed vertically along the resin diversion port of the tank for a few minutes, and then the resin will flow clean. The residues could be removed using a paper towel.  After cleaning, it can be poured into the filtered resin or used with other types of the resin (note: the different types of the resin, please do not mix).

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