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Once the printing process is finished, the platform will rise automatically. When the model is just printed, a large amount of resin will drop off on the printing platform. Please wait two minutes until the resin fully drains off of the model.


Please wear safety gloves and  remove the model from the platform carefully. Don't  drop the resin on the device, and then slowly cut the printing model from the platform with a cutting knife as shown in FIG. 28. The model just printed is fragile, please be carefully to remove. You can cut along the model around, but avoid falling! Finally, please clean the model  with high-concentration industrial alcohol (above 95%). After that,  please blow-dried the surface alcohol with a hair dryer . If  the surface of the model is dry without reflecting oil, the clean is finished. Otherwise, the model will be cleaned and blow-dried again according to the above steps.

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