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Please use the needle-nose pliers to remove the support points in turn. Start at the outer edge and cut off the support top. For the exquisite or thin models, high - tech support disassembly may be required. For the most models, it will be achieved the best results  by removing the support at the contact point of the model with needle-nose pliers.

To achieve the best surface smoothness and avoid scratches on it , please remove each support individually. Note that some of the supports may be separated from the printed part during cleaning in ethanol or after removing other supports. Use sandpaper to remove the scratches and the surface defects .For some defects, please coat the surface with liquid resin, cure with an external light source, and manually polishing until the surface of the component is smooth.

(note: Don’t directly pull the support by hand, as it will leave a pit at the contact point of the support by pull violently.)

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