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Shenzhen Nova Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for 3D printing technology. "Let the designs at your fingertips" is Nova's product concept. The company pioneered the high-resolution desktop light-curing 3D printer---Bene1, which provides a cost-effective solution for the high-resolution demanding industrial applications. The Company focus on the light-curing 3D printing technology and is committed to promoting the popularization and application of 3D printing technology in the civilian market . It provides the  cost-effective 3D printers and consumables  for jewelry, medical, consumer electronics, anime, scientific research, education, cultural creativity, and other fields. It  helps the  customers reduce  the cost of product development and manufacturing, shorten the product delivery cycle, and effectively improve the quality of products and services. The founder of the company has 21 years of experience in mechanical structure, mold design, processing technology and structural design of electronic products. The backbone comes from Foxconn and Huawei, and has 12 years of experience in hardware and software system development.
The Affiliate Program

Welcome to Nova’s Alliance Program! Thank you for your interest in promoting our products and look forward to establishing our long-term and successful partnership.


About Nova:

Nova specializes in the consumer desktop 3D printers. We offer a wide range of the consumer 3D printers and accessories, including the resins, the FEP film, the tanks and so on. The 3D printers are one of the fastest growing markets in the consumer electronics category. The Nova website is a factory-to-customer online store, offering the 3D printers for an average order value of $439. Orders range from $23 to $1,258. We offer promotions including regular free delivery, new membership discounts and coupons.


Plan Overview:

Our target audience includes DIY people, manufacturers, designers, architects, researchers, doctors, teachers and so on. We will update the data every two weeks. Free shipping and new membership discounts, we offer coupons regularly. We are the original manufacturer of the R&D team and able to continuously improve and develop new products, which makes nova competitive with other consumer 3D printer brands.


Search Policy:

We encourage the affiliated companies to use the generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, the affiliated companies may not use our trade name, domain name  and misspelling or variants of them.

New Membership Privileges
We are planning to upgrade our website and a new membership discount will be launched later.
Distributors and Partners' Program
Nova offers the best value and quality 3D printers worldwide. We are looking for the exciting partners to reach new heights together. Now, join the Nova Distributors and Partners' Program and become a member of our global community. You'll work with the fastest growing 3D printer company to get a great return.
Audit Plan
Thank you for choosing nova products as your review project and  I am honored to cooperate with you. This page will show our review plans and how to choose the plan that fits your project.(To be launched later).